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Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, you should have a website, it should render for smartphones, it should appear correctly in internet searches. You should have an email marketing platform, you should have some kind of physical marketing material, you should have social media pages.

You need a website because every business has a website. It should render for smartphones because over 50% of website views are from smartphones or tablets. It should appear in search engines because search engines are a free resource that are great for driving organic traffic to websites. You should have an email marketing platform because what successful business doesn’t have one? You should have physical marketing materials like flyers or brochures because it just makes sense to have something to hand to potential customers to remind them that you exist. You should have social media pages because they are a great way for potential clients to connect with you.

If you have someone or a group of someones handling this for you, great. If you don’t, that’s where Lobo Concepts comes in. Lobo Concepts offers these services and more to upcoming and established businesses that want a personal and affordable solution to establishing strong web and marketing foundations.

How this works is you reach out to Lobo Concepts and we talk. We discuss your business, your needs, your budget, and the challenges you currently face. After our discussion, you decide if you want to hire us, and we decide if we want to work for you. We offer this first meeting and consultation to everyone for free.

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