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The Harbinger Break

By Zachary Adams

In an alternate year 2017, the United States is a wobbling domino fronting the chain to dystopian collapse—where fear makes rational men irrational, paranoia pits blood against blood, and desperation turns black streets red. The sky is a static harbinger, and the missile or mothership that will herald the end can, at any moment, break.

This is the end that both Chris Summers and Pat Shane—two men from opposite sides of the law—hope to avoid.

It began thirty-eight years prior, when NASA discovered a vastly superior alien settlement thriving on Jupiter’s moon Europa. Since then, the Earth has made countless attempts at contact… but the aliens remain dead silent. Two theories of ‘why’ pervade everyday life: Either they’re indifferent towards humanity… or they plan to attack.

Pat Shane, the possibly delusional yet remarkably intelligent drifter, is certain, however, of a third: Not only are the aliens already here—but they have been for decades. And he will do whatever it takes to uncover them, no matter how many innocents he buries along the way.

An endeavor that Chris Summers, a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Eugenics, knows is immoral, dangerous, and insane—and for the sake of human life, Pat Shane must die.


Mental Anarchy: Tourette’s Syndrome and American Dystopia

By Anthony Moritt

“We are unique; we are intelligent, athletic, beautiful, talented, and misunderstood by society.” So says Anthony Moritt in the opening of this compelling memoir Mental Anarchy: Tourette’s Syndrome and American Dystopia. Anthony takes the reader through his journey of dealing with emotional upheaval, broken romance, powerful friendships, and delicate family relationships, as a young man diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. He provides a perspective that is touching, compelling and important to understand. Mental Anarchy: Tourette’s Syndrome and American Dystopia can change minds and lives.